18 dic. 2011

Glamour over wheel´s, Interview whit Longboard Girl´s Crew (march 2011)

 Hi Friends!

We are finally featuring our posts in english, and we couldn´t start better than having the first interview done to the Longboard Girls Crew in March of 2011, we hope you like it!

We will be featuring much more content in english soon


I am really proud of the interview we are about to show you.
First of all, I would like to thank the LGC for the interview, for their kindness and collaboration.
Thanks a lot Girls!

Well, here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

 - Hello LGC! Well for starters we’d like to know: What it’s exactly LGC?

- LGC is an international female longboarding community. This means, we represent all those girls involved in this sport all around the world. (Such a responsibility!). We are basically a platform that allows interaction among riders: Getting to know each other, creating local crews, longboarding meetings, tips, events announcement, etc. 
Always keeping a female background, so much needed in this sport.

- When was LGC created and how many girls were there at the start? What about now?

- LGC was born in Madrid in August 2010, just 7 months ago. At the start we were just 5 or 6 girls at most and we knew we had to get more involved. So we kept on searching, contacting people and at the end of the month we came up with a group of 20 girls. Nowadays LGC has got members in over 33 countries.

We still hardly believe that something that had such a casual and unexpected beginning was going to turn into what we see today.

-How does the idea of creating a girls’ crew arise?

- Each one of us was already skating in crews with a male majority. One day, as 2 or 3 of us finally got together; we realized this had to be happening also to many other girls in other locations. We had to do something about it. So, why not encourage this kind of girlie meetings? The question was: Where are those girls and what can we do to bring them all together?

- What has to be done to be part of the LGC?

- We love to hear that question, as many people think you have to be a pro to join. None of that. The only pre-requisite is to love this sport and, of course, skating regularly, regardless of the level… and being a woman, of course!! Hahaha!!

- As far as I know LGC is an international crew. In how many countries is LGC present?

-We have members in 33 countries, even in very exotic places… Anyhow, this is a sport that is getting globally known and girls are joining to this “wave”. Up until now we have girls from Germany, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Philippines, France, Guatemala, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, England, USA, Venezuela and, of course, Spain.

Every week new girls are joining us, so we could almost say we are kind of “conquering the world”, hehehe.

- You recently celebrated a party honoring your first 5000 fans in Facebook. Will you celebrate your next 10.000 fans?

- We honestly have already more than 10.000 fans. We didn’t do anything, we got run over it! We didn’t it realize as, from 8.000 to 10.000 fans, only 3 weeks went by. As soon as we opened the blog everything went very fast and we didn’t have the time to organize anything. We promise anyhow that as soon as we can we will surely celebrate it! We count on you!

- Some months ago everyone got delighted with your video, filmed by Juan Rayos. It got a pretty big success. How was the experience?

- It was a wonderful experience!! Many of us hadn’t ever met, but from the moment on we knew each other, that Saturday at 7:30 am 

(yes! Juan is a demanding guy!), we instantly became good fellows. Up until now we all are in almost continuous contact and if we ever coincide in a Spanish city, we meet and skate!

- Are you going to release a new video?

- We are now getting ready a few surprises. It always takes some time, which is why we haven’t released another video! We hope to deliver it soon . We are starving for it!!

- Even nowadays many people think it is something odd to see a girl on a skateboard. What are the most common comments? Lots of sweet talking maybe?

-Yes indeed, and although we get a good share of sweet talking, we hope it will become usual to see a girl skating. We don’t want to be seen in any odd way but rather become something normal. Many of us have been approached by guys just because we were riding a longboard. “What is this?” “How do you call that?”, and the good one, “would you teach me?” Hahaha, guys always making up strategies!

- Can you tell us any funny anecdote while skating?

- One of our girls in Spain was stopped by a Russian guy in the middle of the Gran Via Street in Madrid. The guy insisted in knowing her,…, she totally freaked out. Then she asked him how did he know her. The guy answered, “Yeah, I know you from that longboarding girl´s webpage”. Hahaha. That was funny!

- You just launched your new web page “http://longboardgirlscrew.com/”. How do you organize all tasks involved? Do you all participate or is it just a few of you who manage it? Hehehe.

- It is really not an easy task. We are still organizing ourselves. Of course we can’t do it with the participation of everyone. Just some of us are involved in the blog. This is really new for us, but we are having lots of fun at it.

- To put an end to the interview,…, is there anything you would like to say to those girls wanting to get started in longboarding but who don’t dare to do it?

- As Valeria says. “This is just like in life, you fall and you bleed, get up again and continue your way. Given the fact that we are going to get hurt anyway, why not doing it in the funniest way?” Come on girls, if you want to get started in skating, don’t hesitate… and always remember you can count on us to make your first steps and whatever comes after!


If you wish to get in contact with LGC, you can do it here:



Special´s thank´s to "Freddy" and Alberto for helping with the translation

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